Monday, January 15, 2007

FurBearer Hunting on the Comeback??

Recenty I have had several conversations with friends who are big furbearer hunters. Apparently there is an increased demand for pelts, including racoon, fox, muskrat and mink. While this industry has virtually disappeared here in Western New York over the past few years, there is a renewed demand.

While I still hear the stories of my dad working his trap line when he was a boy, collecting mink. muskrat and skunk, I never found any motivation for trapping. However, there is nothing like a good late night racoon hunt, especially with a good dog. The going rate for racoon pelts is $40, so as you can imagine, the dedicated hunter can do pretty well for himself. A group of friends of mine took over 100 in less than a weeks time, not a bad return on a few hours less sleep at night!!

It is good to see this industry rebound, honestly I have not discovered where the demand for these pelts in coming from, let's just hope that it keeps coming. It would be great to see a revival of one of the oldest industries in our nation.

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